This is the skin I’ve never fit in

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This is going to sound cliche, but I just watched intervention and I could not be more happy about my career choice. Becoming an AODA counselor j’s my dream. And after watching this I can say I have clearly made the right choice. I cannot wait to get out there and help as many people as I can. I struggle with and eating disorder and I can say I know a bit about addiction. Food is my obsession and i use it to cover up my emotions just as someone would use drugs. I’m a warrior. We all are. Today I’m going to work on my disorder and I hope soon (although I’m only 19) i will be able to help others as much as i have been helped and I hope I can change lives.

trying to go back is never easy. I’ll never be the same as I was before my conflict with eating occurred. Sadly, things will never change. I will always feel guilty about eating anything and everything. Even a bite of a cookie or a sip of soda contains treacherous calories that I fear will forever make me “fat”. Looking back, when I was at my worst, I noticed I saw myself the same way I see myself now, at around fifty pounds heavier. I will always consider myself unhealthy. When I was 90lbs I felt the same way as when I was at 115 and now 143lbs. It will never get better. I have never been at a place where I loved my body, and somehow, I don’t think I’ll ever get there.

sometimes love isnt what you think

Sometimes love isn’t simply just saying “I love you”, but it’s in the way he looks at you. That expression of pure, everlasting love. The look that can make you stop and stare. You can see it in his eyes, the twinkle of adoration. Your eyes will trace every perfect, noteworthy freckle, the pink

ness of his full lips, the ocean blue eyes with specks of silver. It’s the only look that can make you cry from happiness and you know that you too are in love.